For Lor'duron!
Female | 20 | Straight | Roman Catholic

Warcraft, Warriors, Tamora Pierce, Tolkien, and a slew of other things I like. I also draw and write things.

You can also find me at KittyNoodlesPPC on FF.Net, deviantART, and YouTube; Amariah_Moor on Archive of Our Own; and KittyNoodles on Flight Rising.

IMPORTANT NOTE: I am not the Fox Familiar from FF.Net--my account there has been inactive since 2013. While I'm flattered that I've apparently bothered Fox so much by calling her out on her bad behavior that she's willing to use me as a scapegoat, I assure you we are very different people!
"This is what I get for writing such a violent character… "
Dumb doodly thing I drew because there’s never enough Scythe in the world.
  1. el-aatmik said: you should let him drip dry to teach him a lesson
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